Luminastra Press is a boutique independent publishing company publishing fiction and non-fiction with a focus on writing by and for the GSRD community. We delight in finding talented writers and designers to help us produce beautiful books to treasure.

Part of our mission is to make space for voices that otherwise might not be heard. We’re particularly open to proposals for GSRD genre fiction and self-help/personal growth.

Luminastra Press is based in the United States and the UK Our first title is now available directly through the Luminastra Press bookstore and in bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Powell's Books.

About Us

Luminastra Press was founded in 2019. It has offices in London and Portland, Oregon.

We are accepting submissions for speculative fiction and erotica aimed at a GSRD-friendly readership and non-fiction addressing GSRD issues.

We can be contacted using the form below.


We’re launching our catalogue with the first of a new erotic speculative fiction collection: The Brazen Altar is the first book in The Passionate Pantheon series. Set in a richly realised, post-scarcity world with engaging characters and complex stories intertwined with steamy erotic adventures. The Brazen Altar is simultaneously thought-provoking and arousing, inviting us to ask what’s possible when pleasure, beauty, and service to others are the greatest virtues.

Divine Burdens is the second book in The Passionate Pantheon series. An altogether darker story it explores a society when, as payment for lost wagers, characters surrender their control, waiving their ability to withdraw consent for extended periods. Divine Burdens straddles the divide between erotica and horror. Published September 2021.

Luminastra’s first non-fiction title is A World Beyond Monogamy: How people make polyamory and open relationships work and what we can all learn from them.

We’re living through a relationship revolution. Millions around the world are moving beyond coupledom to explore multiple romantic and/or sexual connections with the full knowledge and consent of all those involved.

But to make these relationships work people have to supercharge their relationships skills --such as transparent, compassionate communication and thoughtful, caring negotiation that can benefit everyone whether they love many or just one.

In this ground-breaking book former BBC and Reuters journalist, Jonathan Kent, draws on interviews with scores of people from six continents, all writing their own relationship rules, as well as on the expertise of biologists, sociologists, psychologists and philosophers. Published August 2021.

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