• The Brazen Altar (Signed Paperback)

An Erotic Adventure in the Far Future! 

The far-future utopia of the City; a world with no war, no scarcity, no disease, and no inequality. Distant but benevolent AIs rule as gods, providing for their human subjects’ every need. 

In The Brazen Altar, three very different women choose to sacrifice themselves and become the avatars of their chosen gods, the ultimate expression of dedication and service to their deities and their people. But what is sacrifice in a city where consent rules, where time and energy are gifts more valuable than any material bauble, and where even the gods know no jealousy?  

In a culture where sex, pleasure and serving others are the highest good, and every Temple has its own rituals of carnal connection, Kheema, Terlyn, and Ashi surrender their willing bodies to the unbearable ecstasy and ego-shattering bliss of divine service. 

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The Brazen Altar (Signed Paperback)

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