• The Hallowed Covenant (Signed Paperback)

An Erotic Adventure in the Far Future! 

Be careful what you wish for! An eight-hour orgasm? What should be divine becomes an exquisitely agonizing ordeal for Tessia, who makes the ultimate quivering sacrifice to the god called the Blesser; but for Avia, who takes Tessia’s place when she’s unable to live up to her commitment to the god, it’s a revelation as well as an act of devotion. For Sayi, leader of the Confessory, her lot is to accept the erotic penalties due for others’ transgressions and offer them a path to atonement; while Yaeris, whose impulsive decision to participate in the Dance of Sacrifice to the Lady of Arts, faces sensual consequences she couldn’t possibly have anticipated.

Welcome to the City, a post-scarcity society without war or disease, ruled by benevolent AIs who are worshipped through rituals of sex and connection. 

How can a society function with no law, no police, and no hierarchy? When anything you could ever need is available from a Provider whenever you want, how do you find meaning or purpose? When a woman of the City breaks a promise to one of the gods, her decision has profound effects on other people, and she must find a way to atone for her transgression.

The lives of four women wrap intimately around each other, in a complex story of transgression, atonement, forgiveness, and creation.

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The Hallowed Covenant (Signed Paperback)

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